Submit to Search Engines

Now it's time to write tibalah how to register your website to search engines? Read the good tips on this page so that the registration was successful with both.

Each search engine has withdrawn in order to receive website. I suggest you carefully read the rules that they provide. Do not ever dare to violate, because it will only be a waste of your time. See also how the maximum number of web pages that you can register at the same time in all the time. Search engines have the ability to deep crawler such as Google, will be able to browse each link that is on a web page. So you do not need men-submit every page one by one, simply indexnya only.

There are currently more than 1,000 search engines are scattered on the internet. But of the many only a few are large and have a complete database. Call only 3 main players, Google, INKTOMI, and Alltheweb. Three search engines has a very large database and is widely used as a secondary result of other search engines. For example, Google's database is used by Yahoo, INKTOMI backup MSN and AOL search, and use Alltheweb Lycos.

At this time many sites that offer services to submit search engine automatically. Once complete the form, your web site can be registered to 30 search engines at once (even more). This is very time-saving, but I can not guarantee success. Now this many search engines that automatically menonak registration through the submitter. Examples are altavista. You are required to enter the registration code correctly, before it can submit a web page to database Altavista. The code is generated automatically in the form of a random image, so that really need to read it for accuracy. Although many spend time, but submit manually is far more secure. Or as an alternative, look for programs that can display the submitter submission result directly, not only removing the output was successful or failed, but without evidence. During this already provide semi-automatic submitter can register your website to multiple search engines quickly. Submission result can be seen directly, so you need not doubt about success.

The state of internet connections also must be considered. Do not men-submit at the time of slow Internet connection. The percentage of failures may be greater. Submitlah your website outside the busy hours, which can guarantee a smooth connection.

Now your website is registered to a variety of major search engines. Whether everything is finished ...? Of course not. You must register again to Yahoo, the Open Directory Project, and several other large directory. If you are dealing with the search engine spider, you are now dealing with human editors. If you want to be listed, follow the rules and give them the best that can be presented your website. The next section will discuss some of the things that have to register before you see the website to the various main directory.