Tips Using Doorway Page

Indeed quite difficult to optimize the web pages in accordance with the seven tips given previously. Especially in terms of content. Moreover, if you create a web for a company. All content (sentence / paragraph) is provided as is. You may not change with the board.

So also for the web-portal is a kind of web content varies. Although the index page is your pace, it remains difficult to get a good position for a certain keyword. If a situation like this, it's time you use doorway page.

Doorway page is a web page that is created to show one or two keywords only. One or two keywords will be the core discussion of a page, so that search engines will consider the content of the page more relevant. This page from the doorway, can install a link that leads to the actual page index. You only have a website, but already indexnya page can not be optimized again.

For that you need to create a doorway page promosi.html named, as "campaign" is the keyword that you expect. Which pages you have to submit to search engines? Of course But remind me again, use doorway page is only if forced. Would that if you can optimize your index page of the original.

If you have decided to create a doorway page, see the following steps.

  1. Decide what to keyword doorway page will be created. Select one to three of your most potential and related to your web.
  2. Optimize title, meta description, and meta keyword is, according to the main keyword you select.
  3. Start to create content that at least 3 paragraphs long. Do not create pages that are too short, because some search engines like Altavista and Northern Light will prioritize the page that is rich in content. Keep keyword-keyword you select is used on each paragraph.
  4. If using a picture, note and take care not to be too large in size and content of the alt-its with the keywords you select.
  5. Save your web page with the actual name, for example: promosi.html, be saved with the name index1.htm or index2.html.

Now everything is ready. You can already begin to register your website to various search engines primary. But first read the previous section to send a web search engine that will provide a few tips so that your registration was successful with both.