Wireless HDD Portable

Wireless HDD Portable 500 GB


SiliconPower Sky Share H10 ini selain bisa terhubung dengan USB 3.0 juga melalui WiFi dimana 8 user bisa melakukan streaming sekaligus. H10 mampu diakses melalui WiFi dari PC, notebook, Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Android Tablet, Android Smartphone! Dengan satu hardisk ini cukup untuk semua gadget Anda dirumah!

  • Multimedia Streaming and Sharing
    Support 3 iPads above for multimedia streaming and sharing (up to 8 different devices connection possible)
  • Faster Wireless Transfer Speed
    Built-in 2T2R antenna provides 1.5 times faster wireless data transfer than similar products in the market
  • Mobility and Easy to carry
    Built-in 2600mA/h Lithium battery for up to 5 hours multimedia streaming (Single device)
  • Free iPhone/iPad App, Android smart phone App, and Web UI
    Support iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android smart phone, Android Tablet, Notebook, PC, Mac
  • Personal Cloud 500GB/1TB
    Extend Smart handheld devices� internal storage limitation. Support 500GB/1TB more storage via WiFi connection for smart handheld devices
  • Support network connection mode (WiFi bridge mode)
    Internet access while multimedia streaming

The recognition of international awards
The design of Sky Share H10 is based on the concept of “Touch.” The circular curvature surrounding the power switch signifies that once it is activated, data transmission can be shared as free and simple like ripples. Its exceptional design also won Sky Share the renowned Golden Pin Design Mark 2012 and Tom’s Hardware Best of Computex 2012.

The high-speed wireless transmission rate
Sky Share H10 provides extra 1TB storage space to mobile devices like iPhone, Android phone, tablet and Notebook and is capable of having up to 8 user connections to share and stream media content simultaneously without the burden of transmission cables. With Sky Share H10, user can easily share their favorite photos, music, and videos through Wi-Fi to their love ones, making sharing easier and fun.

Free iOS and Android App Support!
Sky Share H10 includes built-in 2T2R antenna to provide 1.5 times faster wireless data transfer than similar products in the market. It also features USB 3.0 interface to provide high data transfer rate for up to 5Gb per second. Sky Share offers free iOS and Android App for download. The Sky Share App features user friendly interface with simple navigation and multiple playback modes. Through the Sky Share App, users can also easily upload and download content and setup wireless security and other settings.