VigLink How it Works


VigLink is the easiest way to earn revenue from your site's outbound links:

  • Signup takes fewer than five minutes and there is zero ongoing maintenance.
  • After turning on the VigLink app in CloudFlare, you are ready to go - no installation or cutting and pasting of code required!
  • VigLink tracks the outbound links you already have. Clicks to merchant sites where a sale is made earn you a commission automatically. (Sort of like finding money in your jeans - everyday.)
  • If you want to dig in, detailed analytics help you identify your most successful links and quickly hone your revenue stream.
  • Claim your account not only to get paid, but to enable and configure features such as link insertion: whenever we see existing references to brands, merchants or (coming soon) products, we insert an affiliated link that looks just as if you had inserted it yourself. No ads, intrusive pop-ups, or double underlines – just simple, affiliated links in the same style as your page.

How it Works

The traffic leaving your site via outbound clicks has value, but more than likely, you aren't seeing a piece of the action. VigLink changes that.

The process is automatic (meaning no work for you) and unintrusive (no ads, unsightly popups or double underlines). VigLink works within your content, affiliating existing links, and if enabled, linking references to existing merchants and brands (as if you linked them yourself).

Once you’ve claimed your VigLink account, you have the option of deploying VigLink on any other sites you have that are not using CloudFlare. However, there is never a need to install VigLink, change any API keys or do any other modifications for your CloudFlare sites; they will always seamlessly work with VigLink!


Revenue Backed by Powerful Analytics

If you want to dig in, VigLink offers access to a powerful set of analytics that will help you grow your revenue stream. Quickly determine which links and merchants are performing the best in your analytics dashboard.

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