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Do you know that it is now no more profitable in repairing CRT TV, Radio, DVD player and ........ ? If you charge a higher fees your customers most probably don't want to repair the equipment and choose to buy a new one and if you charge a lower or reasonable fees you will not make much from it and can't cover your daily operating cost too.

Worst if your customer ask you to keep the equipment and don't pay the bill after you have successfully repaired the equipment. You are wasting your precious time and time spent in repair is money! You are frustrated and losing hope in your repair business and trying to find a new way to get back a good income. Do not lose hope my friend as i have a good news for you. The good news is to diversify into repairing Plasma Television!

plasma television repairing

But why Plasma TV? According to sources there are over 1 billion Plasma Television sold worldwide since it were launched. By now there are many Plasma TV already over warranty and need to be repair. Grab this opportunity to learn Plasma TV repair from this website before your competitors does. Well, repairing Plasma TV is not that really difficult if you have the right information to assist you. The information that i'm talking about is Plasma TV training manuals, schematic diagrams, service manuals, understanding SMD components codes, MCU file and etc.

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If you have ever truly wanted to take your Plasma TV repair skills to the next level, especially from home, there really is no better time (or opportunity) than right now to start becoming the impressive Plasma TV repairer you've always dreamed you'd be. I cannot urge you enough to just join Plasma-Television-Repair membership site and you will be surprised how little work and effort is actually involved for you to become a successful Plasma TV repairer! The Plasma-Television-Repair membership site is providing information that will comprehensively guide you everything you need to know about Plasma TV repair from absolute beginner* level, right through to being a professional repairer!

Most of the service manual or training manuals for Plasma TV are not included the Power Supply/PSU schematic or circuits diagram. So inside the members area, we had added more Plasma TV PSU schematic diagram as below model or part number:

  • BEKO P7 Chassis Plasma TV PSU For Samsung V3 Panel Module ; BEKO P7 Chassis Plasma TV BW1.194R PSU For Panasonic Panel
  • BL0654M01011 Plasma TV PSU Circuit For Sylvania 6842PE ;  CCP-6400 Plasma Tv PSU For Toshiba 35WP26P
  • FUJITSU FPF42C128128UB72 Plasma Module PSU Schematic ;  LG Plasma Module PDP42V5 DGK420W PSU Schematic
  • LG PDP42v5 PSU Power Schematics Diagram ;  LG 32F1 Plasma Tv PSU Schematic For Hisense TPW3208
  • Powerwel PW-1450 KONKA PDP4202 PSU Circuits ;  PW-TCL 42U2 Plasma Tv Power Supply Schematic Diagram
  • Samsung 43V2 PSU Circuit For SKYWORTH 43PAAHV Plasma Tv ;  SKYWORTH 42PDAHX Plasma Tv PSU Circuits
  • TNPA3570 Plasma Tv PSU For Panasonic MD-42M8 Series Module ;  USP490M-42LP PDP42U3H Plasma Tv PSU Circuit
  • USP490M-42LP PDP4226H Plasma Tv PSU Circuit ;  And more will be upload to the members area!

This lists will continue to expand!

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